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Teach Our Daughters

To my daughters, You are watching. You see. What am I teaching you? . I will teach you how to serve others. To love. To pray. To worship. To read. To give. To sacrifice. To work hard. To eat well. To rest. To learn from rejection. To grow from your mistakes. To fall and get back up. . I will teach you to have boundaries. To keep healthy relationships. To forgive. To let go. To see your true value. To see and appreciate beauty on the inside as well as the outside. . I will teach you how to climb mountains. Go on adventures. Swim in the ocean. Run. Fly. Dance. Sing. Play. . I will teach you to Speak with confidence. To speak with with grace and love. To share with others their worth and value. To have wisdom, courage and kindness. . I will teach you to use your voice and gifts for the glory of God. To speak for the voiceless. See the hidden. Help the hurting. . . . There is more I need to teach you. That others will try and teach you. There are versions of beauty and talent on a screen or in a magazine that will attempt to be imprinted in your heart and mind as truth. . I will draw a line and set a different standard. I will teach you it is NOT OKAY to... sing sexually explicit lyrics, wear clothing that barley covers your body, flaunt your ass on national television or to anyone, gyrate and dance around a pole or bound by rope, for others to dance around you emulating an orgy, or to watch or applaud any of the above. . J Lo/Shakira, you are worth so much more. And so are your daughters. . My daughters, I love you. I honor you. I respect you. I want the best for you. I want so much more for you that what the world chooses to offer as the standard of entertainment and acceptable choices. . There is more to this life. This is why I am teaching you. All my love, Mom 💛

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