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Who is YOUR Hero?

I think we can all agree that the past 2 months around the world have been unprecedented. This is unlike any other time in modern history. Nations have been numbed by a virus. States in a standstill. Governments grieving loss. Countries trying to control the chaos.

Amidst it all, as they always do, Hero's rise from the fray. They redefine our human capacity by what it means to care for others. They draw our focus back to the good that only God and His nature can place within us.

And during our time of social distancing, Heroes have come in different forms. For many of us a Hero is now someone on screen. They can be from Marvel, DC, Star Wars or your favorite YouTube sensation that gives you some good feels.

If we are honest the heroes we seem to be drawn to are fictional ones. They really only offer us SOCIAL DISTRACTION from our Social Distance. They entertain us to another reality that we can escape to for a moment. This allows us to disconnect from the present reality.

Heroes do also come in non-fiction forms. They are Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Workers and those on the Front-Lines of this Pandemic.

But what about the Heroes we never hear of ...?

What about the Hero that serves and no one knows?

What about the Hero that risks it all and no one will ever put it on YouTube?

What about the Hero that serves and doesn't care who cares?

I know Heroes like this.... There names are Divinus, Paul, Twitike, Lucy, Annie, Chalice, Dennis, Siza, Agnes, Joseph, Ares, Eva and Mama C.

Names that most will never know.

They go door to door and face to face serving there city. They go hours without food and drink so they can reach out to another person in need. They sew masks and provide soap. They give their lives to serve at-risk children. They Educate, they Train, they Read, they Pray.

Not for accolades, not for affirmation, not for affluence.

Just because that is what we as Humans are created to do; Love One Another.


Maybe YOU could be a Hero too?

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